Want a career with challenge and meaning?

Look no further - join us in our mission to help the worlds’ most beneficent organisations. Our members include World Vision, The Peace Corps, The United Nations, World Wildlife Fund, among thousands of others who work tirelessly every day to make the world a better place.

Metasoft is a Branham/Financial Post Top 300 Canadian Technology Company. A socially responsible and committed organization, Metasoft donates five percent of its pre-tax profits in the form of money, time, and other resources to further good causes.

Our Company Mission

To help nonprofits everywhere efficiently identify, attract and manage the relationships and resources vital to the fulfillment of their philanthropic missions.

Simply, we are all about helping the people who help the world to be a better place!

Our Recruiting Mission

To hire great, challenge and achievement oriented people who want to help non-profit organizations realize their philanthropic goals.

Our Track Record

Metasoft has been recognized repeatedly over the years for excellence in both business growth and employee related initiatives. Check out some of the Awards and Recognitions we’ve received, and you’ll see why Metasoft has been recognized as an employer of choice in Canada.

Our People

Metasoft Systems Inc. employs some of the best people. We are very appreciative of the work they do for our clients and feel honored that our employees are happy to work here (see Employee Testimonials).

To find out if you would be a good fit for a position with Metasoft Systems Inc., please review our current opportunities and forward a cover letter and your resume to the recruiting department.

Want to know more? We'd be pleased to talk to you - contact us.