Employee Testimonials

"It's a very different feel here from other offices. Everybody here cares about everybody-genuinely cares-and it's a great place to be working… It's everybody's individuality that makes Metasoft what it is."
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Cecilia Li
Sr. Administrative Assistant and Metasoftie since November 2007

Metasoft Partner Program

Metasoft partners with successful organizations to distribute our leading on-line sources of institutional funding information. These partners generate a new source of revenue, further establish themselves as market leaders, and offer enhanced value to their customers.

The Partner program consists of two key partnership types:

  • Referral Partner: Organizations that extend Metasoft's reach by providing opportunities to demonstrate and promote our product to a defined base of members. The role of the referring organization is to promote the product and refer their members to Metasoft for follow up.
  • Reseller Partner: Organizations that have the capacity to resell Metasoft's products and services to a defined base of members and associates. The role of a Reseller is to work with their members to sell Metasoft products and services.


Member Associations